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Our Flat pack system is unique. 
How can we deliver Pre Hung Doors Nationwide in a cost effective way?
How can we supply a Single Hung Door as a Left/Right hand optional?
How is it that we are able to Supply, Single Hung, Double Hung and Sliding Doors in a way that enables them to be assembled in under a couple of minutes, on site, ready for install?
Below is a video of our Planted Stop System being produced. 
While our biggest seller is without the stop pre attached, until we do a new video, it will give you the idea.
Following, we will answer some of our most common questions.
Everything is centered from one point. This means that whether the door is in the Left Hand Position or Right Hand position, the spacing and measurements are equal.
No. If wedges have been used and the Jamb is nailed to the Frame, it will need to be forcibly removed like other doors. It must be changed prior to hanging.
However, if you have used the Quick Door Hanger to hang the door, you can unscrew the hangers, change hanging side and then re hang.
Our system is component based. When a part for the door is damaged, you only need to replace that part. For example, door is hung and a hammer has gone through the door. We can supply just the door. Pre cropped in the same position. This is extremely useful on rental properties. 
If the Hinge Jamb is damaged, we can replace that part only. Pre Hinged.
In the case of the head Jamb or Striker Jamb, they are easily replaced onsite using your local trade merchant.
We have all the required components in stock, so will be able to leave the factory on the same or next day.
When using 18mm Flat Jamb the spacing is around 21.5 - 22mm. 
Basically, whatever thickness the Jamb is, at 3.5-4mm.
Firstly, it takes two minutes to assemble. Just screw in four screws in pre defined positions and it is ready. 
No Cutting is required. Door Stops are pre cut to length.
This is pretty easy, when using an 18mm Jamb at 50mm. eg 1980h = 2030, 810mm wide door = 860mm void width
They are palletised. The Hinge Jamb is pre attached to the door. All parts are labeled as required.
For Standard Doors, we try and target a two week turnaround. For non Standard, three weeks, dependent on supply.
We back out product and will always stand by it, however, it is a pre hung door, so once installed, it comes down to the products themselves.
We use our suppliers Warranty Processes. As all are well known New Zealand Owned and Operated Companies we feel confident on their support for this. 
The real question is, why do you use Cardboard Hollowcore?
By using Polycore doors we not only get a greater glued surface area, but also a door that is more difficult to break through. It provides better heat and sound insulation.
If we had a choice every door would be Solid Core EPS as standard. However, both EPS and our standard Ribcore Option are far Superior to cardboard.
No. And we never will. While some builds are cheaper with Grooved Jamb, it is a common mis belief that Grooved Jamb is cheaper. When you include labour costs, the cost of grooved Jamb are actually significantly higher.
This is why we also offer architraves.