Measure Twice, Cut Once...

Building large scale developments require so much work, the last thing you need are problems with supply.

Pre Hung NZ are specialists in both Doors and Hardware, Residential and Commercial.
We believe in getting everything right at the front end, minimising problems later.

Whether we need to talk to the Architect, Pre Nail Factory or Interior Designer, we work with your team, ensuring the best overall solution for our customer, bringing the best products for your project. Fit for purpose. 

AS you will see from below, there are many items that need consideration.



90% of plans that come through our office have errors when door sizes are involved.

When door supply hold ups occur, the problem in most cases happened at the drawing stage. 

With incorrectly sized doors are specified, it not only increases the price dramatically, causes manufacture and supply delay but is also very difficult to replace should changes be made on site.

We contact the Architect when possible to discuss further.

95% of plans that come through our office have errors when door trim sizes  are involved.

You cant fit a square peg into a round hole, yet for some reason, there is a desire to fit a Pre Hung Door in a space that isnt big enough.

We work with the Pre Nail Manufacturer to ensure Pre Nail Plans are correct for doors.

Pre Nails are made with no or very limited communication with Pre Hangers?

With so many set of plans incorrect with door sizing, Pre Nail Manufacturers are forced to guess as to what is correct. They are not checking what has been arranged with the pre hangers. Site measures are completed and changes need to be made to the doors, further delaying the process. Increasing the costs.

We work with the Pre Nail Manufacturer to ensure Pre Nail Plans are correct for doors.

Site Measures are NOT required

Site measure are needed for one simple reason, nobody is talking earlier on. If the Plans were correct at the beginning, or if changes were made to incorrect plans and the Pre Nail Factory was informed, adjusting the Frame to Suit. You would not need Site Measures. 

We have a system that enables double checking of all trims. Any oversights are easily and quickly corrected.

Doors Cut Down on site not only are structurally weaker, but loose their warranty.

With the modern Track & Channel systems for wardrobes, sliding doors are used more and more, especially with smaller rooms. However, due to the system, the door heights required are lower that standard. Builders are then cutting the doors down on site to enable them to fit.

This greatly weakens these doors, especially as the sit free in the channel, increasing the chance of warping. Also, any doors cut down, immediately loose any manufacturers warranty.

All Sliding doors are supplied pre made to the correct height. No cutting down required.

Doors being used are not fit for purpose.

The size of a door, the closer it is to direct sunlight, is it near moisture, is it hung or sliding, all these element matter. Is you dont want to be doing call backs, these need to be considered.

To often we are seeing sliding wardrobe doors over a 1000mm wide in direct sunlight and no variation is given for the size or environment, then the door gets cut down to fit, making it weaker again.

All plans are thoroughly reviewed to ensure doors supplied are fit for purpose and will incur no issues after handover.

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