Questions and Answers

We are not going to pretend, that these are all actual questions. Some are, others are ones designed to enlighten you about what we do.

AAt the end of these questions, we hope, you have a better understanding of what we do.

Pre Hung Doors

How fast can I get my order?

This will depend on the type of door and Jamb required. In some cases, we may have in stock, in other cases it could be up to a month. The best option is to call us and check.

What are the available door options?

Single Hung, Double Hung, Double Slider, Triple Slider, Quad Slider, Single Cavity and Double Cavity

What Warranty do you offer on your Pre Hung Doors?

10 Years, based on use for purpose. We not only choose suppliers we trust, but also ensure we supply within their warranty requirements. For example, modern sliding doors are often cut down to fit the space. This voids any warranty. So we have our doors manufactured to the correct size. We also look at the types of doors and the purpose they have, the effects of moisture and heat as well as direct sunlight, to ensure, your warranty is safe and sound. If a door does have any issues, we will look at the cause and increase the quality of the replacement (when possible) to ensure there are no future issues.

You say you deliver Nationwide, it must cost a small fortune?

We have a strong relationship with a Nationwide Freight Company. To reduce costs, they will deliver to you local Trade Merchant (you will need to discuss with the merchant) or you can pick up from the local transport depot from our freight provider.

Our Door System is unique and we are able to Flat Pack. Generally a houselot fits on a single Pallet and can be moved with a Trailer.

What do you mean, Flat Pack?

We have designed a component based system. We can easily convert two single doors into a double or a double into two singles.

It is an accurate system that is extremely adaptable. All that needs to be done is screwing in 4 x 16mm screws (supplied) into a pre defined area.

This system creates the ability for us to replace parts, change jambs or change doors anywhere in NZ.

It is also far easier when moving doors up Narrow stairways or moving Double Doors.

Is that for all the door options?

All of our doors are flat packable, everything is a quick assembly process. Cavity Sliders however are not our doors, they are supplied to us already made, ready for delivery.

What about different Jambs?

As long as it is a Flat Jamb, we can make them to any size up to 280mm wide and 18mm or 30mm deep. If you have a renovation job on hand, this can be useful. 

I have some more questions, what do I do?

You can email us at, call us on 0800 400 790, or click the Lets Chat box and ask there.

We are seeking more questions for this section, so welcome your input.