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The Environmental Coice

The Flat Pack is the most convenient and cheapest option for Pre Hung Doors.
Able to be assembled on site in a couple of minutes, they offer real value for money on nearly every project.
Save up to 15% per door when ordered, depending on location, some savings can be far greater due to reduced freight costs.
With over 27 Door Design options readily available, there are plenty of options.
Click above for a preview of the options.
We do not supply doors with Cardboard Inners.
All of our doors come with a minimum standard of Polystyrene Inner Core.
This gives a stronger door with better insulation qualities, both sound and heat.
Ribcore is our standard option with EPS (Solidcore) our increased level standard.
There are many different Jamb Styles, for various reasons.
We only do one, FLAT JAMB. 
We are about saving money and supplying what the market needs.
The Flat Jamb fits both options and creates less problems due to the variation of wall sizes today.
It is more adaptable and easier to fix, regardless of wherever you are.
Flat Jambs need Architraves. We also supply, when requested, cut to length architraves, just cut the 45 angle on site.
Cropping for door furniture is for 25mm or 54mm Centre, with a 25mm bore hole and faceplate 90% cutout.
60mm or 70mm backset (60mm standard)
Set at 990mm from bottom of door leaf (Centre of door on 1980h door)
Many of our staff come from the Architectural Hardware Industry, so expert advice on door hardware is a forgone expectation of ours.
With that knowledge we hope to save you money on product selection and price, whilst at the same time, helping your project look the best it can.
With the Quick Door Hanger, Pre Hung Doors can easily and precisely be installed in under 5 minutes,
The Door Stud has been designed to help with the moving of doors. Minimising Damage and Injury.
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The environmental considerations of building today should be to the forefront of every business.
Unfortunately, sometimes it gets put into the too hard basket, too often.
Not Here.
The environment has been at the for front of all we do. In fact, no other company in the New Zealand Pre Hung Door Industry, even comes close.
1. We use Ribcore Doors as a Minimum Standard, this improves heat insulation
          Current Market Norm: Cardboard Hollowcore Doors as base standard.
2. Component based doors create opportunity to reuse incorrect, doors and jambs.
          Current Market Norm: Incorrectly made product goes to waste.
3. Transportation of doors is in a flat pack situation. Greatly reducing Delivery Space and Number of Trips required. Standard Trailer can carry over 30 pre hung doors, including Single and Double.
          Current Market Norm: Doors are transported as pre made doors. Resulting in far fewer doors moved
          per delivery. Standard Trailer can carry around 5 - 8 Pre Hung Single Doors.
4. All our products are supplied from New Zealand owned and run companies. This ensures everything is easily traceable. Keeps the money in New Zealand and assists when we need to trace the supply of Wood based product.
           Current Market Norm: Majority are price foccussed.
5. Repairs to damaged doors are easy and quick, only replacing one piece. In many cases builders can get parts from local merchant store and fixing on site. Saving time.
           Current Market Norm: Replace the whole door, often creating onsite delays and more travel.
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