Nationwide Supply

As the only company that supplies Nationwide,

the question has to be, how?

How can we supply Nationwide at competitive prices aorund the country?

The current building environment creates a number of problems that require solutions.

Staffing Needs, Production Needs, Supply Needs, Environmental Considerations.

There are so many things to consider, but so few are creating solutions.

Our Pre Hung Door System is a Solution to a problem.

It is a COMPONENT based system, that gives you control.

The Features and Beneifits it provides are endless.

See below for Further Details

Component Based
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When Henry Ford produced the Model T, he was able to provide so much more, lower cost vehicles, higher wages, fixed working hours and maximum production.

Our component based Door System enables production on a large scale, reducing delays.

Every part is made to be used in a large number of configurations and can easily be replaced when damaged.

Flat Pack
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Its really easy, to supply large products around the country, you must be able to Flat Pack them.

This will only work if Assembly is easy.

How does Assembling a door in Under 60 seconds sound.

Single Hung, Double Hung and Sliders (apart from installing tracks), we have a system that makes supply quick and easy.

Left or Right Hung

Often, one of the biggest problems on site is when doors are supplied Left Hung, when Right Hung was required.

in 99% of cases, this is not a problem for our door. It is designed to be HUNG BOTH LEFT & RIGHT HANDED.

car crash.jpg

Doors arrive and they get damaged onsite.

Our system enables you to get replacement parts from your local Trade Merchant, or, we can just replace the damaged part.

No more waiting for a new door to be made.

Repairs 2

Home is built, tennants are in. 

Door gets damaged.

All our doors are designed to create a quick replacement process.

Take out old door, put in replacement.

No Cropping time required for hinges or handles.


We have most of our standard doors ready for assembly, in stock.

In most cases, you can pick up as required. Not more 5-6 week wait.

In other cases, we can generally offer a two week turnaround, largely based on our suppliers time frames.

We are quick.

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