Happy Architect

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We believe it is one of the most important pages on this site.


Because everything in a build revolves around you, the Architect. You are artists, whose creations get made into reality. Your pallet is rich with not only ideas and imagination but also the requirement to get so many complexities correct and in form.

So we understand how easy it is to under value the importance of doors.

But when the doors are incorrectly sized, not only does the cost increase, but so does the time frame and the risk of problems on site.

We ask that you use the charts below, to not only help you choose the correct door size, but also the correct trim size.

single hung 1-1-2022.jpg

Pre Hung Door Trim Sizes

double hung 1-1-2022.jpg
double slider 1-1-2022.jpg
triple slider 1-1-2022.jpg
quad slider 1-1-2022.jpg
cavity slider 1-1-2022.jpg